What is the cost?

You can choose between a Free Plan or a Premium Plan. You will have limited features and time to use in case of a Free Plan. We offer a Premium Plan as a free trial for the first 3 months. You can use all features during that period.

Do I need to sign up?

No, you can use AWA services without sign-up. However, if you change your device, you can't continue with your saved data. To continue using your data when changing devices, we recommend signing up. You can sign up for an account by either (1) Facebook (2) Twitter (3) Email Address/Password by going to "Settings" > "Account" located at the menu iconメニューアイコン at the top of the page and select "SET UP".

How much is the connection fee?

It depends on the payment plan of the device you are using. Please contact your mobile carrier.

Where (region) can I access from?

You can access from anywhere. 

Where can I send my comments and requests?

iOS / Android

Please contact us by selecting “Settings” via the menu icon メニューアイコン at the top of the screen > "About">“Contact”.


Please contact us by selecting “About this service” via the settings icon 歯車マーク at the bottom right of the screen > “Contact”.

Do I need an internet connection to listen to the music?

iOS / Android

With the Standard Plan, offline playback is available. It allows you to play selected music in an offline environment. *You must use it in an online environment once 7 days have passed since you started offline playback


It’s required. The offline playback feature is not supported.

Why can't I find a specific artist or song?

We have copyright permissions for all songs that we offer on AWA. We do not provide songs that do not have copyright permissions. We are continuously working hard to get more artists to join so we can deliver more songs to our users.