What kind of plans are available?

You can select from a complimentary plan and pay plans.
All features are available for free under the 30-day trial period after activation.
*Your plan won’t automatically change to a pay plan, even after the trial period is over.

[Standard Plan]
Price: ¥960 (tax-included)
Time Period: 1 month (from activation)/automatic renewal
Enjoy full functionality without time limits, including offline playback and more, with no need to worry about data usage.

[Free Plan]
You can use features for free. You'll also get on-demand playback and playlist creation without ads.
Enjoy up to 20 hours of playback per month.

Note: November 6, 2016 we will no longer offer the Lite Plan, and new Lite Plan subscriptions will no longer be available. Current Lite Plan subscribers will have their subscriptions automatically terminated on December 6, 2016, even if they do not terminate their subscriptions themselves. Also, any Lite Plan subscriptions may be used until the end of their validity periods, even after subscription termination.

What is a trial period?

It allows you to use all of the features of the Standard Plan for free for a 30 day period, without any registration required. At the end of the 30 day trial, the plan will not automatically convert to a paid plan.
Instead, it will switch over to the free monthly plan, Free Plan.
*At the end of the trial period, we will send you a notification via AWA.

How can I verify the plan I have?

iOS / Android

You can check through “Settings” via the icon menu メニューアイコン at the top of the screen > “Account”.


You can check through “Settings” via the settings icon 歯車マーク at the bottom right of the screen.

How can I change between subscription plans?

iOS / Android

You can change plans as follows.

  1. Select “Settings” via the menu icon メニューアイコン at the top of the screen > select “Account”
  2. Tap “Change plan” and select the plan you’d like to change to


Changing plan is only available on smartphones.

How can I cancel my current plan?

There is no need to cancel the Trial Plan or Free Plan.
How to cancel pay plans is as follows.


  1. From your iPhone open the "App Store".
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the "Featured" tab, and tap Apple ID.
  3. Tap "View Apple ID", and under "SUBSCRIPTIONS" select "Manage".
  4. Tap "AWA Music", and turn off Automatic Renewal.

*This screen can also be used to check the next date of automatic renewal, as well as change automatic renewal settings.
*Automatic renewal checks and settings changes can also be performed through iTunes.


  1. Activate the “Google Play” App on your Android.
  2. Select “Play Store” → ”MyApp” → ”Subscriptions” tab
  3. Select “AWA” and tap “Cancel”

*Please check here for canceling from a computer
*Please be aware that your subscription won’t be canceled by uninstalling this app.


Changing plan is only available on smartphones.

Will I be automatically charged after the termination of the Trial Plan?

No, you won’t be automatically charged.
*You can use the service for free after the trial period is over unless you change to to a pay plan.

I had a pay plan but it automatically changed to the Free Plan

After your first trial period is over, it’ll automatically change to the Free Plan.
If you’d like to continue your pay plan, please change your plan.
Also, if it changed to the Free Plan even though you signed up for a pay plan after your trial was over, please contact us again because it may be logged in with different account.

If I change devices do I need to sign up for the monthly subscription again?

If you already signed up for a pay plan (Standard Plan and Lite Plan), there’s no need to sign up again even if you've upgraded your device. As long as you log in with the account you set up on your previous device, you can transfer the billed account.